I hope that you and all your family will be safe and healthy through this difficult time.
On a logistic level ( shipping ) we are in a uncharted territory, this pandemic keeps evolving daily. I expect that some delivery delays will occur and that our direct contact with our mailing provider and will update information daily here.
Currently there is no delay to light delay happening for USA and Canada, but light delay for Europe but has we all saw the situation is changing every hour, the border is closed, flights are canceled; this affects the movement of mail around the world, I will always do my best to keep you informed.
My posted processing time is always accurate, and to avoid any unnecessary interaction I will be currently mailing only on Fridays.
I hope that you are understanding and a speedy united world recovery!

I offer a 30 minute consultation discussing what kind of healing piece you need and how it can be designed. I ask a few questions in regards of what crystals you’re usi...
Consultation for Custom Piece
30 min