Crystal Placements for your Home & Garden: Introduction

If you know me personally, you already know in every single room there is a crystal hiding or in plain sight. Even when I was farming in Saint Didace in Quebec a year ago in our trailer I had raw Black Tourmaline schorls scattered around in front of it to protect our home, Selenite in each corner inside, a Smoky Elestial cluster at the center of our table, Rose Quartz in the bathroom, and Blue Celestite in our pillow cases.

It brings in a healing and harmonious atmosphere in the home. So every Friday, I will post a blog post of Crystal Placements for your Home & Garden, explaining why, which and what crystals are good for each room. I will also explain Feng Shui in the home also to bring balance.

I can’t wait for you all to learn about the magical powers and healing that crystals will bring further from the altar into a decorative and euphonious vibration for your home.

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