Introducing Black Pain Series | A Route to Healing

In response to the uprisings around the world, we've decided to articulate Black frustrations through our June campaign entitled Black Pain.

A Thank You To Our Allies

I want to take a moment to thank all of the non-POC small business owners who have made the decision to reduce their postings to allow space for Black small business owners to showcase their workings, which have hints of their Black experience embedded in the details of their work.

I’ve made the decision to resume my postings on social media, but I want to highlight that any jewelry you see in the month of June was created intentionally for Black healing.

With each Black Pain product posting, you’ll find an explanation that clarifies the type of Black pain I am attempting to address. If anything strikes you as interesting or if further context is needed, please e-mail or direct message me on Instagram.

You can access the healing tools apart of our Black Pain Series by clicking the button below. 

What is our Black Pain Series?

Each healing crystal piece apart of our Black Pain series was intentionally created to shed light on various forms of Black frustration.

Specific pieces will be dedicated to different types of Black trauma. We focus on mothers loosing their children to police brutality. We highlight families attempting to understand and accept their Black trans child. We remember Black children who grow up without fathers or mothers, or both. We acknowledge imprisoned Black men, Black creatives questioned, Black professionals in corporate America, Black love, interracial love and Black shame. We praise natural hair and Black duality.

Our objective is to educate through beauty. Even if you can't understand Black pain, you can wear one of our healing crystal pieces in solidarity. 

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