Juneteenth - Black Duality

Embedded in Juneteenth is the reminder of Black duality this holiday which is specifically meaningful to Black Americans as it represents the announcement of freedom to our ancestors in Texas on a larger scale Blackness has been in a bondage long before and long after Juneteenth for allies who are able to take the day off from work I encourage you to look up not only the definition of Juneteenth, but question when Blacks globally found freedom. When did Black freedom come to Brazil, to the West Indies to the indigenous in Australia? How do they celebrate? Allow this to be a reminder that Blacks are not a monolith. Juneteenth is a celebration to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved Black people in the United States. But it also holds within it a duality of delayed justice.

Though Despite injustice, Blacks have continued to find a way to overcome. To continue in celebration by working with crystal such as Blue Apatite Aquamarine, and Angelite.

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