Objectification & Dehumanization of the Black Woman

The dehumanization and objectification of Black women still prevails to this day, although more subtly than in past decades.

In the media, Black women often play roles such as the hoe, stripper, the baby mama, and the jezebel stereotype; which means the Black woman acts as a promiscuous man eater. Often, Black women in the media are portrayed as sexual objects and this is on purpose. Hollywood deliberately wants to perpetuate the dehumanizing stereotypes of people of color, and Black women often take the hit for this.

Black women are incessantly being shown as sexual beings. Our bodies and innocence have been stripped away from us since adolescence in this society. Representation matters. The crossover of race and gender are things that a Black woman cannot escape. These follow her wherever she goes and still her voice is something of the unheard. The hyper-sexualization of Black women is in need of an end. Black women should not be concluded as hypersexual, because it is neither true nor moral to make such a general perspective of who we are. We are not here, neither for your sexual experiments (i.e. Sarah Baartman) nor the risqué humans that such a stereotype depicts us to be. Representation really does matter!

In order to dismantle this stereotype; in honor to celebrate and represent us - waist beads are ideal to be adorned with. Especially working with opening the Sacral Chakra which represents Sexuality and Creativity. Crystals that are best to work with would be Carnelian, Sunstone, and Citrine.

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