My Journey

I started Helen Lex 8 years ago after a traumatic loss of my grandmother. I didn't know how to "fix" myself at that time. I moved out of my mom's house into another home in LA and dealing with depression, substance abuse, and neglected care towards myself.

There came a time I really felt like I needed to get myself back together, I called my mother months after my grandmothers passing and asked if I could come back home.

I came back home, with no job, no money, nothing. I found my old green suitcase that my grandmother had given to me years ago stuffed with various beads and crystals. I renewed my my therapy, my passion of who I am, and armory. I begun to express myself through wearable art  within spirituality. Thats when I discovered the background of the universe and Gaia's presents unfold to me.

The pain that I experienced after my grandmothers passing gave me insight to create healing tools to wear. I used that grief to create beautiful and intent jewelry through the spirituality of crystals.

Thus, began my journey to heal the world and myself.