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Introduction to Ayurveda Color Therapy

Ayurveda has thrown light on the effects of the planets have on our moods, within our personalities and even our destiny for thousands of years.

Several cultures believe that each day of the week is associated with a certain color, procure from a planet or a deity. In India, astrologers and Ayurveda followers state that each day of the week has a corresponding planet.

Following the color of the week that is linked with the planets, you align yourself to harness the power of the planetary influences. In Thailand, the Queen used to wear colored dresses associated with the color of the day, this practice that some Thai people actually continue to follow even today!

According to Ayurveda, each planet has a specific influence on the mind, body and emotions. To align with the positive influences of each planet, it is recommended to embrace the color corresponding to that planet on the said day.

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